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Tvinni and Tvinni Tweed - Isager Yarn, merino wool

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Tvinni and Tvinni Tweed from Isager Yarn is an exquisite merino wool yarn, and available in more than 50 beautiful colors. 

100% merino or 100% merino/Gotland wool

Sold in balls of 50 g. 

50 g = 255 m. 

Suitable for needle size 3 mm.

Tvinni or Tvinni Tweed 

Tvinni yarn is made of 100% merino wool and the colors are dyed on white wool. 

Tvinni Tweed yarn is made of 100% merino/Gotland wool, meaning that the colors are dyed on a mixture of white merino wool and dark Gotland wool. This makes the colors slightly mixed and thereby more "alive". Tweed colors are marked with "s" after the color number. 

About the yarn 

Tvinni yarn is a luxurious and soft yarn from Isager. It is a very popular yarn that is lovely to work with. Tvinni is slightly thicker than Spinni yarn, but available in all the same, more than 50 beautiful colors.

Tvinni can be worked on its own at needle size 3 mm. It can also be worked double stranded to obtain and quality similar to Jensen Yarn, so those two can be combined, we have done this in our Icelandic inspired sweaters Björk and Draka. To create a softer and more "fluffy" look, Tvinni can be combined with Silk Mohair, like we have done for our Dora sweater. And just to name a final example, Tvinni can be combined with Highland wool for a great, thick structure or mixed color effect as we have done with Bianca cardigan. With that many colors and potential combinations, the possibilities with Tvinni are endless. 

For inspiration see Knitting patterns for Isager Tvinni here, or Knitting kits with pattern and Isager Tvinni here. 

Origin of the yarn:

Isager Tvinni yarn is spun and dyed in Denmark. Isager is a respected brand among knitters in Denmark and worldwide, due to their high quality and luxurious yarn. 

The company was founded by Åse Lund Jensen, who contributed greatly to the art of knitting with her yarns and knit designs. Today Isager is owned by Marianne Isager and her daughter Helga Isager, who continue to inspire knitters through their knitting books. 

Isager today produce around different 20 types of yarn, all of which are of high quality and lovely to work with. See more Isager Yarn here.

Washing instructions 

We recommend hand washing your Tvinni and Tvinni Tweed yarn. 

Wool does not require washing as often as other textiles, and it is therefore sustainable in daily use as it saves resources from washing. If your wool clothes need “freshing up” hanging it outside will often be sufficient.


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