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Önling No 3, Luxury mink/cashmere yarn

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Önling No 3 is our own super soft and delicate mink yarn - the greatest luxury you can find!

37% mink, 18% cashmere, 12% wool, 33% viscose.

Sold in 50g balls.

50g = approximately 300m.

Single stranded suitable for needles 3mm. Gauge: 28 sts x 38 rows.

Double stranded suitable for needles 5mm. Gauge: 20 sts x 34 rows.

Extremely soft and delicate yarn – the greatest luxury you can find!

Some background info on mink yarn: Mink changes fur around three times a year, and it is the fur from this “sloughing” that is used for making mink yarn. To trim the mink, the mink farmers wear special gloves and cut the fur by hand. After this the trimmed off fur is sold to a company that mechanically sort the fibers in preparation for spinning yarn, according to the specific demands from our creative customers. No mink is killed to give fur to yarn – only animals that cannot continue as breeding animals are skinned and sold by the farmers as fur coats.

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