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Brushed Lace - Mohair by Canard, silk mohair

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Brushed Lace is a luxurious silk mohair yarn from Mohair by Canard. Made of mohair and mulberry silk, this yarn is soft, light and with a beautiful shine - and it comes in so many lovely colors!

72% Kidmohair, 28% Mulberry Silk

Sold in balls of 25 g.

25 g = 210 m.

Suitable for needle size 2.5 to 5 mm).

We are very pleased to expand our collection of mohair yarn with this absolutely delicate and soft Brushed Lace mohair yarn from Mohair by Canard. Brushed lace is available in a range of beautiful colors, and there are both soft and bright colors tones to choose from. The combination of mohair and mulberry silk gives a very luxurious yarn with a beautiful shine.

Silk Mohair yarn like Brushed Lace is perfect for air light shawls like our popular Cloud shawl, or light summer knits such as Ingrid cardigan. We also love to combine mohair yarn with other types of yarn, for instance with our Önling No 1 as we have done for the popular Magnum sweater, or with our wool and cotton yarn Önling No 12 as we have done with the beautiful Chloé sweater.

For inspiration see Knitting Patterns with Silk Mohair here, or find a Yarn Kit with knitting pattern and matching Silk Mohair here. See also our other brands of Silk Mohair yarn here. 

Sustainable yarn:

Mohair by Canard sources mohair yarn from South Africa where mohair over two centuries has been refined into one of the most exclusive natural fibers. It is very important for us at Önling that our products are produced sustainably and with concern for the well-being of people and animals involved in the production, and Mohair by Canard shares these concerns. This mohair yarn is therefore sourced through a collaboration with “Mohair South Africa” which is a nonprofit organization, that works with animal protection organizations and workers representatives to ensure good conditions and conduct audits of the production.

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