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Harvest knitting box - luxury

Regular price €101,00

Önling's Harvest knitting box 2019 – luxury version

Autumn is near, and now we can finally start knitting lovely and wooly projects again.

We have put together an exciting Harvest Knitting Box for you, designed especially for the season and filled with inspiration, patterns, yarn and pampering.

In the luxury version of our Harvest Knitting Box, you will receive a luxurious yarn kit for 1 project, consisting of organic wool from Krea Deluxe as well as silk mohair, 2 brand new, exclusive patterns and 4 carefully selected knitting gifts.

The box costs from €101 - BUT HAS A TOTAL VALUE OF €152

Choose your size and yarn color for your project above

The Luxury version of the Harvest Knitting Box contains: 
2 brand new patterns that are released exclusively with the Harvest Box. "Helena" is a pattern for a beautiful oversize, v-neck autumn sweater and "Hedvig" is a gorgeous and simple cardigan with feminine details and fun raglan increases

7 balls of organic wool yarn from Krea Deluxe and 6 balls of silk mohair, which are knit together throughout the work, to give the softest result. Both patterns can be knitted in this combination of 2 strands, and we leave the difficult choice of which model to knit, to you ;) Remember to choose the size you want to knit in, so you get enough yarn in your box. The base price of €101 - includes yarn up to size S - if you knit larger than that, the price increases accordingly.

You will also receive 4 lovely knitting gifts in your Harvest Knitting Box.

You get a handy pair of scissors for your knitwear, which is perfect for bringing on the go, a cute measuring sheep to measure needle size with, a nurturing and fragrant "Peace" body oil from Happy Heart (50 ml) - and not least you get a unique Önling autumn pin, with which you can decorate your project bag.

The Harvest box is also available in a basic version, with our everyday yarn Önling No 12, see the version in related products below. 

The patterns are in PDF format. Immediately upon payment, you can download your Harvest Box patterns directly from the purchase confirmation page. You will also receive an email with a link, from which you can download your patterns, and lastly they will be made available to you on your profile here on our webshop - so be sure to create a profile :)

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Sizes: (XS)S(M)L(XL)2XL(3XL)

Measurements Helena sweater
Chest circumference: (97)103(109)115(121)129(137) cm
Length: (53)54(55)56(57)58(59) cm
Sleeve length under the arm:  (25)26(27)28(29)30(31) cm
¾ length sleeve length under the arm:  (26)25(25)24(24)23(22) cm
Full length sleeve length under the arm: (46)45(45)44(44)43(42) cm

Measurements Hedvig cardigan 
Chest circumference:(98)104(110)116(122)130(138) cm
Length: (53)54(55)56(57)58(59) cm
Full length sleeve length under the arm: (42)43(44)45(46)46(46) cm

(300)300(350)350(400)400(450) g Krea Deluxe organic wool, 100% wool, 145 m pr. 145 m

(125)125(150)150(150)175(175) g silk mohair
Önling No 10, Silk Mohair, 70 % mohair, 30 % silk, 210 m pr. 25 g OR Brused Lace from Mohair by Canard, 72% Kidmohair, 28% mulberry silk, 210 m pr. 25 g OR Isager Silk Mohair, 70% Super Kid Mohair, 30% silk, 212 m pr, 25 g

For Hedvig cardigan:
8 markers
3 meters accompanying thread in a contrasting color
6 push buttons (15 mm)

All patterns in this harvest box are designed by Katrine Hannibal for Önling.

Color variants with color codes:
(BL = Brushed Lace from Mohair by Canard, No 10 = Önling No 10, IG = Isager Silk Mohair)

Color variants: Krea Deluxe Silk Mohair
Cognac 52 BL 3048
9 Bl 3034
Taupe 16 Bl 3007
Beige 26 NO 10 349
Rose 10 IG 62
Off-white 23 No 10 80
Gray 50 No 10 D154
Light blue  25 No 10 1115
Pigeon blue 26 BL 3002
Mint 32 BL 3023
Green 22 BL 3025


Please Note: The price of the yarn kit is calculated based on the amount of yarn included, which is the amount we have used to knit the design according to the above measurements. Should you need more yarn, additional yarn can be purchased at regular prices by placing an order and state lot number in the comment box at checkout. All designs have been thoroughly calculated and tested.

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