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Chloé sweater, No 12 + silk mohair kit

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Yarn kit for Chloé sweater in No 12, everyday yarn and silk mohair. 

This is a wonderful, simple, striped raglan sweater in warm fall colors. It is made of one strand of Önling No 12, a wool and cotton mix, and various colors of silk mohair, giving the sweater a beautiful combination of colors. This sweater is light and warm in the comfortable way. The model is loose-fitting with a positive ease of approx. 10-15 cm / 4-6 inches. The design features fairly large armholes, and the pattern includes descriptions of both 3/4 and full-length sleeves.

The yarn kit contains: Önling No 12 and silk mohair, yarn for the elected size and a pattern.

The pattern is a PDF file. Immediately after purchase you will be able to download the pattern directly from the purchase confirmation page. You will also receive an e-mail with a link to your pattern, and the pattern will be available here at the site via your personal account - so remember to create an account :-)

Choose color and size for your yarn kit above.

Designed by Katrine Hannibal for Önling.


Chest circumference: (96)102(109)115(122)131(138) cm / (37.8)40.2(42.9)45.3(48)51.6(54.3) inches
Length: (53)54(55)56(57)58(59) cm / (21)21.3(21.7)22(22.4)22.8(23.2) inches
Armhole length: (27)26(27)28(29)30(31) cm / (10.6) 10.2(10.6)11(11.4)11.8(12.2) inches
Sleeve length from cuff to underarm, 3/4 length sleeves: (31)30(30)29(29)28(27) cm / (12.2)11.8(11.8)11.4(11.4)11(10.6) inches

Sleeve length from cuff to underarm, full-length sleeves: (46)45(45)44(44)43(42) cm / (18.1)17.7(17.7)17.3(17.3)16.9(16.5) inches

Materials (long sleeves)

(130)130(140)150(160)170(185) g
2 cones of Önling No 12, 55% wool, 45% cotton, 750 m per 105 g

(125)125(125)150(150)175(175) g Total yarn use, silk mohair. (You will have left over scraps)

Brushed Lace silk mohair by Mohair by Canard, 72% kid mohair and 28% mulberry silk, 210 m per 25g, OR Önling No 10 Silk Mohair, 70% mohair, 30% silk, 210 m per 25 g.

The sweater is worked all the way through with one strand of No 12 and one strand of silk mohair held together.

Color A (No 12): Dark rose no. 18
Color B: Dusty rose no. Ö 3628 = 25 g
Color C: Rusty red no. Ö 3144 = 50 
Color D: Curry no. 3034 = 50 g, (75 g for size 2XL-3XL**)
Color E: Khaki green no. 3008 = 25 g, (50 g for size 2XL-3XL**)
Color F: Cognac no. Ö 3138 = 25 g

Recommended circular needles and double-pointed needles sizes  (US 4) and 4 (US 6)

8 stitch markers

22 sts and 31 rows in stockinette stitch on needles 4 (US 6) = 10x10 cm /2.5 inches

Color variants with color codes: (BL = Brushed Lace from Mohair by Canard, Ö = Önling No 10)

Color variants
No 12, A B C D** E** F
Rust Dark rose (18) Ö 3628 Ö3144 BL 3034  BL 3008 Ö3138
Katrines KAL kit Camel (37) Ö 3628 Ö3144 Ö3138 Ö5026 Ö1364
Green Bottle green (7) BL 3023 BL 3028 Ö0349 BL 3007 BL 3025
Yellow Mustard yellow(23) BL 3020
Ö 2058
BL 3034 BL 3014 Ö3138
Blue Mid-blue mixed (30) BL 3012 BL 3033 No 10 0884
Blue gray Mid-blue mixed (30) Ö8463
No 10 0884
Ö80 Ö2911 Ö1115
Pink Raspberry(19)
BL 3017
Dark rose Dark rose (18) Ö80 Ö3628 Ö3138 Ö5026 Ö2144
Off-white (21)
BL 3007
Ö d154
Multi Turquoise (8) Ö2791


Please Note: 
The price of the yarn kit is calculated based on the amount of yarn included, which is the amount we have used to knit the design according to the above measurements. Should you need more yarn, additional yarn can be purchased at regular prices by placing an order and state lot number in the comment box at checkout. All designs have been thoroughly calculated and tested.

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