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Our circular fashion targets

Önling is proud to be part of Global Fashion Agenda, working towards a circular and sustainable fashion industry by 2020. 

Önling is one of the many committed brands to support a shared vision for a circular fashion industry – under what is called the 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment Letter. We have committed ourselves to some ambitious goals, as we believe that with recycling and recycling of textiles we can take an important step towards a more sustainable fashion industry. 

Below you can read Önling's 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment goal:

Action point 1: 

By 2020, circular design principles will be a part of 80% of our design briefs to ensure durability, recyclability and/or reparability of our garments. 

Action point 2: 

By 2020, 40% of our clothing will be designed for disassembly and produced with mono-fibers.

Action point 3: 

By 2020, we will design and produce 15-20% of our collections with recycled post-consumer textile fibres. 

Global Fashion Agenda’s mission is to mobilise the international fashion industry to transform the way we produce and consume fashion. As the flagship event of Global Fashion Agenda, Copenhagen Fashion Summit offers a meeting platform for the fashion sector’s decision-makers and creatives to learn from and engage with industry frontrunners, leading NGOs, experts, policy-makers and academia, and come together on making sustainability a strategic priority. Ultimately Copenhagen Fashion Summit will steer industry leaders towards concrete commitments, for a world beyond next season.

Read more about the initiative at

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