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Önling No 9, hand-dyed Danish wool yarn from happy sheep

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Önling No 9 is a lovely yarn made of nature wool from happy Danish sheep, and hand-dyed in our favorite colors.  

100% Danish nature wool.

Sold in 100 g skeins.

100 g = approximately 275 m.

Suitable for needles 3,5mm - 4mm.

Gauge: 22 sts = 10 cm.  

Yarn with a story

At Önling we love knitting, yarn and great stories. And the story behind our new yarn Önling No 9 is amazing. It's about a nature center outside Copenhagen and happy sheep. 

A little while ago, we discovered a sheep herders' guild who look after sheep at a nature and education center called Quark Naturcenter. Here the sheep are grazing the area, cared for and patted year-round. The wool is sheared and sorted, and thereafter sent to a family owned wool spinnery on the nearby Island Fyn, where it is spun into lovely wool. And now it has arrived here at our store, and we love it! 

The grey yarn is held in the natural color of the wool and therefore undyed. The white wool has been hand-dyed in our favorite colors. There are 6 beautiful hand-dyed colors to choose from. As all skeins are hand-dyed, we recommend mixing the skeins while knitting, to avoid a clear color break when changing to a new skein. 

We hope you will welcome our new yarn from happy sheep.

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