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KAL – Önling Knit-A-Long 2019 - AIKO CAPE, No 11 + silk mohair kit

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Yarn kit for Aiko Cape, Önling Knit-A-Long 2019.

We LOVE to knit together with all our dear customers. It was a true joy when so many of you participated in knitting the Emma shawl for last year's KAL. More than 1000 knitters in the world joined us!

This fall we knitted the Aiko KAL, but you can still make it for yourself. We designed it with a focus on making something pretty and exciting to knit, with challenging details, beautiful finish and of course a must-have in your knitwear wardrobe.wardrobe.

We are inspired by Japan, creating a simple silhouette and elegant look. We designed a garment for the upper half of the body, which is not a cardigan (no sleeves) or a shawl (it has armholes) – rather something in between a cape, an open poncho, and an oversized shawl. We named it the AIKO CAPE. AIKO is Japanese for love and devotion. Two things we have loads of at Önling.

We made this year Knit-A-Long into different yarn kits. This one is in the soft, light and luxurious combination of wool, cashmere and silk mohair. It is also available in our own soft and sustainable Önling No 1, in angora and merino wool. See the kit in the related products below.

In this kit, you knit with our new delicate yarn, Önling No 11 and one strain of silk mohair. Creating a light, soft and cozy piece, easy to bring anywhere as an extra layer, or wear over a summer dress.

Önling No 11 is 90% merino and 10% cashmere and of course lives up to our high demands to sustainability. It runs 180m per 25g, perfect for knitting on needles in size 3. It is produced in Italy, by the same manufacturer, who makes Önling No 1 and 2. The silk mohair is either Önling No 10 or Brushed Lace from Mohair by Canard, depending on the color combination and stock. Önling serves the right to replace the type of silk mohair in yarn kits, as long as the color matches the image.

This yarn kit contains: Önling No 11 and Silk Mohair yarn for the elected size and a pattern released in 3 parts. You also get a cute measuring animal, a bag of tea and discount-code for a free knitting pattern.

The pattern is a PDF file and is released in 3 parts/clues. You will receive an e-mail with a link to your collected patterns, and the pattern will be available here at the site via your personal account - so remember to create an account :-)

Choose size and color for your yarn kit above.

Designed by Katrine Hannibal for Önling.

Hashtags on Instagram: #aikocape #ÖnlingKAL2019 #aikocapeKAL

Sizes: We designed the cape in two sizes, with an oversized fit. It is meant to have positive ease of 20-40cm compared to your actual bust circumference.

Size 1:
Bust circumference: 130 cm = XS-L or 68-110 cm in your actual bust circumference

Size 2:
Bust circumference: 140 cm = XL-3XL or 111-140 cm in your actual bust circumference

150(175) g Önling No 11 (10% cashmere, 90% merino wool)
150(175) g silk mohair. Brushed Lace from Mohair by Canard, 72% Kidmohair, 28% Mulberry Silk, 25 g = 210 meters. OR Önling No 10, 70% Mohair, 30% Silk, 25 g = 210 meter.

Gauge: 18 stitches x 29 rows 
Suggested needle sizes: 4.5 mm

Color variants with color codes:
(BL = Brushed Lace from Mohair by Canard, No 10 = Önling No 10)

No 11 Silk Mohair
Red 33 3779
Dusty Rose 37 2775
Bordeaux 16 956
Purple 61 3004
Light Blue 54m 1115
Light grey 3559 84
Dark Grey 4881 d154
Beige 6533 0349
Off-white 50447 80


Please Note: 
The price of the yarn kit is calculated based on the amount of yarn included, which is the amount we have used to knit the design according to the above measurements. Should you need more yarn, additional yarn can be purchased at regular prices by placing an order and state LOT number in the comment box at checkout. All designs have been thoroughly calculated and tested.

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