Summer at the needles - about summer knits

Isager yarn in wooden box outside

You might not think that summer is the time for knitting – but it is! Both because there are some great designs for summer knits out there with beautiful summer styles, and because it is actually now that you should start knitting for the winter to make sure the project is finished when you need it – when is gets cold outside again.

But when the temperatures for the second week in a row reach 30 degrees Celsius (this is quite extraordinary for Denmark :-)) and all hot drinks have been switched out with iced coffee, we turn the knitting needles towards cotton and linen.  

Sommerstrik, striktrøje udenfor

I love summer knits. Because it is fast knitted projects, and because it is something I look forward to wearing. But from a designer’s perspective it can be difficult to design for the Danish summer, which can be filled with “indoor-weather” like last year, or Mallorca-weather like the early summer this year.

"I love summer knits.
Because it is fast knitted projects,
and because it is something I look forward to wearing

At my needles I have mohair yarn, because I love to knit mohair in the summer. Mohair is light and airy, and it is available in the most stunning summer colors. This year I especially like to knit with Silk Mohair from Isager, or Premia from Lamana.  

Lamana Premia and iced coffee

"I know that not everyone can follow my motto 'everything gets better with Mohair'."

However, I know that not everyone can follow my motto “everything gets better with Mohair”. Most knitters find that summer knits call for cotton. For us at Önling it is important that the cotton we use is 100% organic and GOTS certified. We have therefore just this spring included organic cotton from Krea Deluxe in our collection. We have been playing and testing with the yarn, and many of our new and coming summer models are knitted in Krea Deluxe cotton. The summer arrived in Denmark very early this year, so the new collection of summer styles will be dropping sequentially over the summer - keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram.

Personally, I look very much forward to the design “Irma”, as this is knitted in Krea Deluxe organic cotton and Lamana Premia mohair. It is a dream to wear, because it is so soft and we have put a lot of effort into the details, so there are some brand-new details in the design. I look so much forward to showing it to you.

Krea deluxe organix cotton

I the meantime, while we wait for Irma, we cannot let our knitting needles wait. And there is so much great summer yarn out there. Japanese Cotton from Isager has been revived, especially after the new book K(Knit) from Helga Isager, where she uses Japanese cotton in combination with Alpaca 1 in YO Sweater, and with Silk Mohair in SSK T-shirt. We have also brought out an older design from Isager, Smoothie summer top, and knitted it in Japanese Cotton and the new Isager summer yarn Trio. This is such an exciting result. If you, like me, love the colors of the new Trio yarn, you should also look at the beautiful Sonokos summer top from Isager, as this can be knitted in Trio double stranded. I look very much forward to knitting the new Trio yarn, both single-stranded and double-stranded – and of course combined with Mohair :-). It is an amazing summer yarn made of cotton, bamboo and linen.

Isager Japansk Bomuld og Trio

And then the obvious summer classic here at Önling is Isager Bomulin. At Isager they have been going through the color palette and updated many of the colors, so you can now mix the finest sorbet-colors. We still love Retro Summer Top and Björk Summer Top – but also the Striped Summer Top looks great in the new colors, and all three designs have been very popular this summer.

When the summer wardrobe has been updates I will turn towards winter knits again. You can keep your knitting in a bowl at you lap, and with ice tea in your glass it likely won’t be too hot :-). Maybe I will knit a Dora from Favorite Knits 4 to wear when the summer evenings turn cold.

If you are still not certain what summer knit project to start with, then check out our “Summer knits” board at Pinterest or our collection of summer knits here at the website. Here you can find all the summer designs that I have mentioned here and much more, except Irma that hasn’t been released yet. Instead Edith could be a great summer knit, especially if you are going to a party or two over the summer.

Well, it’s time for me to wrap up, make myself another iced coffee, find some shade and my knitting as summer weather is knit weather.

Mette Lundstad, intern and Knit-wit at Önling